We know from national research that children do better at school when parents and carers get involved in their learning and in school life. We want your views and ideas about how we can work together more effectively.

Around the country, some schools are setting up parents’ forums. These happen once a term, when parents get together to talk about a topic to do with school life. This might include:

  • Homework
  • Behaviour and bullying
  • Sport activities
  • School meals
  • School trips
  • Travel to school

These are topics which parents think are important – they choose what they want to talk about. Governors and the school leadership team then listen to concerns and ideas from the parents’ forum and decide what to do next. Our new Parents Forum meets once or twice a term. All parents are invited to come along and give your views. Of course, we will not always be able to say “yes” to a suggestion from the parents’ forum. But hopefully, parents and school will be able to work together to tackle concerns, solve problems and use resources better.